Seniors Blue Book

10140 N Golden Elm Dr
Estero, FL 33928
(813) 731 - 6069
Amada M. Barton

Seniors Blue Book is a truly local publication that does so much more than just publish a guide. We add another level to our multi-media advertising approach. For example, we host two networking meetings for local professionals each month called Marketing-Mania. The venues we use for these meetings are held at our advertisers senior living communities and assorted locations allowing them opportunity to showcase and tour their property to potential referral sources. 

Seniors Blue Book is the true definition of an “Authoritative Publication.” What is Authoritative Print Media?   The definition of authoritative is, “able to be trusted as being accurate or true; reliable.” Authoritative Print Media is experiencing a true re-naissance as one of the most valued media platforms available.

The Seniors Blue Book is not just “another printed directory”. We incorporate a number of other integrated media channels such as, our Event Calendars and our Discharge Planners Resource Notebook. These additional services provide a powerful, low cost and extremely focused media footprint for your brand.