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Marilyn Cervantes is your trusted source for reverse mortgage expertise in Florida as a licensed HECM / H4P Loan Specialist with Reverse Mortgage Funding LLC (RMF).  Since 1997 Marilyn has experienced great satisfaction showing people how funds from a reverse mortgage loan could help them live more comfortably and with fewer financial constraints.  Age in place HECM refinance or right size Age in Place with HECM for Purchase.  RMF provides valuable advice to consumers and professional advisors. Over a million savvy Americans have taken advantage of the significant benefits of a reverse mortgage, and that number continues to grow. If you are 62 years old or older, learn how a reverse mortgage could help you to:

§  Establish a “rainy day” fund

§  Supplement your income

§  Pay off an existing mortgage or other debts to improve cash flow

§  Pay monthly bills

§  Make home improvements or modifications

§  Pay for health care

§  Cover the cost of in-home care, whether medical or non-medical

§  Make a major purchase such as a new vehicle

§  Buy a home


Depending on your needs and plans, you have the choice of taking your funds as:

§  A line of credit — which offers all the benefits of a traditional Home Equity Line of Credit, but with greater flexibility

§  Monthly advances, either for a set period of time or as long as you live in your home

§  A lump sum

§  Or a combination of these options

§  Plus, you can change how you receive your remaining funds at any time, if you need or want to

*With a reverse mortgage, no principal and interest payments are required until you move, pass away or sell the home, as long as you meet your loan obligations. (As with any home-secured loan, you must keep current with property-related taxes, insurance and maintenance for the loan to remain in good standing.) However, you can opt to pay down your principal and interest if and when you choose; no pre-payment penalties apply.


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