About Us

If someone you love dearly, such as a parent or a grandparent were to have an unexpected life altering event, would you know where to find the information or resources available to you? The elderly, along with those who have elderly parents, do not know where to begin to find the answers after a life changing physical or financial event. Our mission is to be a resource to people in the community where they can turn, to obtain information on what is available in their area. The overall goal is to help people stay in their home longer and age with grace and dignity. We will be the source to get all of your problems solved & questions answered with only one phone call. By helping with all facets of senior living, we are able to provide their loved ones more time with their family and less time searching for solutions.

Contact Us

Please contact our officers via email at greatercolumbus@ageinplace.org or via

Deborah Cassel